Privacy & Security

MENSBOX services are exclusively personal services, based on location for individual use and should not be used as an emergency location system, used during driving or other operations where the lack or inaccuracy of the application could cause death, injury personal or serious physical damage or property.
- MENSBOX requests through its site and services, the location of the user in GPS coordinates, which are provided automatically and continuously during the use of its services. The user can deny the location at any time from the settings section of his mobile and / or computer terminal. However, the last available location and facilitated by the user's equipment will be saved. This data will be used to offer other users the distance between them (expressed in length measurements). This data can be affected by the failures in the computer control systems, so it is offered as a mere informative title.
- MENSBOX warns the user that the excessive use of our system can cause dependence. MENSBOX declines all responsibility that for the abuse or misuse of the service, may cause in the personal or professional life of the user. The user is solely responsible for the use you make of our service.
- MENSBOX stores other control data in its systems, such as the IP address of the connection or the unique ID of the terminal that the user is using, among others. These data are collected automatically, without the need to be provided by the user. These data will never be made public.
- MENSBOX will only provide on the site and public services those data that the user has voluntarily provided in his profile (including photographs). It will be the responsibility of the user to foresee that said data may be viewed by third parties, and therefore, to take the measures it deems appropriate in order not to publish those data that may be susceptible of being used. We recommend, although we do not oblige, to never provide personal data and / or that may be considered "sensitive". MENSBOX may publish the data and photographs of user profiles that are publicly accessible on its official pages or on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or any other of the same nature) and links to user profiles, for the promotion of the service itself or of the user's profile (for example: featured user, recommended user, etc.)
- MENSBOX has access to all data, images, photographs and any other content that users enter on the site and / or services for security controls, internal management and statistics, either to publish on the public site and / or private way This includes conversations with other users, including photographs. MENSBOX takes the necessary security measures, both on a personal and computer and / or technical level, so that the data considered private (conversations, private photographs, management data, ip, terminal id, etc.) can never be known by third parties outside the MENSBOX administration service and for no other purpose than the management of the service itself. The people who have access to this data have a confidentiality contract that prohibits them from providing this information to people outside the administration service. MENSBOX will never disclose this data and information without your consent, except in the exceptional cases of: Response to subpoenas, court orders and / or legal proceedings, to establish our rights to defend ourselves against legal claims and if we believe it necessary to investigate, prevent or take action to legal activities.

Data Protection

In compliance with Law on Protection of Personal Data, MENSBOX declares that has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures, required by it.

The personal data that MENSBOX collects on its website, https://mensbox.net and in its mobile applications, are subject to automated processing and are incorporated into a computer file, called "USERS

The collection and automated processing of personal data is intended to maintain the contractual relationship that may be established with MENSBOX, as well as the performance of information tasks, improvement of the quality of services, marketing (task the latter always identified as such) and other similar activities, typical of the MENSBOX service.

The personal data processed in the file "USERS" will never be transferred to third parties.

MENSBOX informs that, in compliance with the provisions of Law on the preservation of data related to electronic communications and public networks, it must proceed to retain and preserve certain traffic data generated during the development of the communications with the purpose of transferring them to the legitimated authorities, when the legal circumstances contemplated therein concur.

In those cases in which MENSBOX is in charge of the treatment, it assumes the obligations established to the effect and states that it will only process the data according to the instructions of the person responsible for the treatment and that it will not apply them or use them for purposes other than those collect in the contract signed for that purpose.

In this sense, the client authorizes MENSBOX, as the person in charge of processing, to subcontract with third parties the storage and custody services of the backup copies of data, in those cases where this is necessary, respecting in all cases the obligations imposed by Law and its development regulations.

The client may, at any time, exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. The exercise of these rights may be performed by the client from the "My Profile" tool, developed by MENSBOX and accessible from https://mensbox.net, in an authenticated manner, by means of the client's login and personal password. Also, these rights may be exercised under the terms established by the applicable regulations.

MENSBOX is not responsible for the breach of the indicated rules made by the client in the part that corresponds to its activity and that is related to the execution of this contract. Therefore, each of the parties will not be responsible for the breach of this rule by the other party.

The client states that all data provided by him are true and correct and agrees to keep them updated, communicating, to MENSBOX, any modification of them. The customer will be responsible for the veracity of their data and will be solely responsible for any conflicts or disputes that may arise due to their falsity.

About the use of Cookies

A cookie is a piece of text that is sent to your internet browser and allows you to remember important and necessary information for the use of our website. The cookies in MENSBOX are absolutely necessary to be able to manage the technical functioning of our service.
MENSBOX does not use tracking cookies or that can identify you outside of our site, limiting itself exclusively to those absolutely necessary for you to use our service, such as:
- User: Allows you to access your user account and therefore, enter our service as a registered user
- Language: It allows us to remember what your language is to offer you our website in Spanish, English or any other language that is available.
Although our cookies policy is exempt from compliance with the so-called "European cookies law", for not keeping tracking data and limited exclusively to the function of access to the user area, we preferred to let you know this information for your total peace of mind .
However, MENSBOX includes utilities and resources from third parties, such as Google Analytics, so you must know the cookies policies of these services, available at:

When using our site, you must accept the use of both MENSBOX cookies (even if they are only of a "technical" nature) and those of third-party resources.

Exception due to account blocking

There is a specific exception when a user breaches the MENSBOX usage regulations and their account is blocked (without access to the service). In case of occurrence, the user will be able to unblock once his account without losing any of the associated data, except those that have caused the blockage (photographs, presentation, etc.) again obtaining normal activity in our network and provided that the reason for the blockade is not considered very serious (that in addition to the breach of our regulations, is a legal crime or had a previous blockade). In case the blockade is considered very serious, the unlocking will not be possible and MENSBOX will cancel the data associated with the account, keeping those necessary for the legal stipulations that are required of us, confer us in law and those necessary to maintain the blockade of account for at least 5 years. However, these data will not be available when using the MENSBOX social network and will therefore not be accessible.